Wrené Releases 'Venom'

Wrené Releases 'Venom'

Toronto-based avant-garde pop singer-songwriter and producer Wrené stuns with new dark ambient trap single “Venom.” The hard-hitting track emerges from her atmospheric third album Metamorphosis, which was released in August. “Venom” is an electric trip into the throes of Wrené’s dark wonderland, exploring the relationship between reality’s dull knife and surrealism, the high highs and lower lows of addiction, and the state of the human condition amidst it all.

Borne from the bleak hopelessness and isolation that defined the COVID-19 pandemic, Metamorphosis sees Wrené finding refuge in creativity, fantastical escapism, and the exploration of personal identity. She crafted dreamy sonic landscapes that allowed her to explore the unknown through music — even while the world was in lockdown. She reveled in self-transformation and remained mindful of the power of her art to help others in similar situations.

 “Venom,” a genre-bending, imaginative journey into Wrené’s mind, is a culmination of those ideas and experiences. With lyrics like “Labyrinths you make me run through, entangled in your web/My body pulsates, whatever rhythm you desire,” the pop crooner details her experience with a toxic relationship and her desire to break free — whatever the cost. This leads her to use drugs to cope with the suffocating trauma of past abuses, as they offer relief (however temporary) from her own bleak reality.

“I’d like to call upon themes of addiction, societal pressures, and highlight how the allure of such self-destructive behaviors are prevalent amongst the youth,” she says of the track. “‘Venom’ could resonate with many young adults who feel trapped, seeking an escape from their current reality out of fear, hopelessness, and a lack of inner guidance and direction. It might speak to those, like myself, who feel unprepared and unequipped to cope in our ever-changing society and who find solace in their own creative world.”

The single is accompanied by the release of a music video that explores many of those same themes. In it, we are introduced to our protagonist: a hero attempting to make their way through a dark, sinister alley. The character does their best to move forward amidst their battle with their inner demons, despite the fact that they are repeatedly being lured into false senses of security, with each unique scene representing a different substance.

“Venom” is a powerful track that speaks to the difficulty of internal struggle and the undeniable courage one exhibits by facing it head on each day. Its intimate lyrics, booming electronic trap production, and accompanying visuals make it an undeniable, addicting listen — and an enduring symbol of Wrené’s ever forward-thinking artistry.