Trent Hills Song Workshop

Trent Hills Song Workshop
Matthew Holtby

Warkworth Ontario is a hotbed of artisan food, small business, visual art, and of course, music. Local Artist and Songwriter Matthew Holtby has been busy adding to his vast song catalogue under his own solo project, recently releasing a number of songs that have been gaining airplay around the country. With a brand new single on the way, Holtby has decided it’s time to get involved in the music community in his own backyard and around the world. Introducing the Trent Hills Song Workshop, a collaborative effort to help artists and musicians of all ages to craft original songs of their own.

“With such a vast landscape of music teachers out there who already teach piano, guitar and more, my wife thought of the idea to help others write original material” says Holtby. “I’m no McCartney, but I certainly feel I can help others to embrace their own creativity and add songs of their own to their set lists. This could be for anyone from kids just learning about music, to the average open mic enthusiast who like to play something they wrote.”

He’s also offering services to anyone on the planet by hosting Zoom and video call sessions. “The idea is really limitless in terms of time and place. No matter where you are, if you want to write songs together, we can make it happen.” Holtby is offering an amazing rate to work on an hourly basis out of his home rehearsal studio as well.

Contact him directly at or through the Trent Hills Song Workshop Facebook page. 

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