Too Bad Jim

Too Bad Jim

"Too Bad Jim is the sexy musical side hustle for Matt Carr (The Tortoise, The Hare & The Millionaire, Waylon Napadogan) and Ryan Barrie (Kylie Fox, Waylon Napadogan, & Wicked Vices). Imagine hearing the Black Keys through an overdriven subwoofer from the backseat of a ‘76 Chevy Nova. It is a sound which is both classic n’ greasy…but like, real greasy." - “Uncle'' Rob, 105.3FM The Bounce

“How Does It Feel?”, to be officially released on January 12, 2024, is an epic rock piece, fast, classic, and great for driving with the windows down.

This song was produced by Don Lavandier (The Motorleague) and is the first to come from our debut EP project as a band. The release is also being paired with the “Behind The Wheel Tour”,  over this winter and covering the Maritimes. A social media marketing campaign and a music video to follow in the near future.


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