The Janzen Boys

The Janzen Boys

Somethings are just wholesome. Good for the heart. Easy on the ears. The Janzen Boys embody this. Made up of a Father (JJ) and 2 of his sons (Simon & Mick) this musical trio out of Winnipeg have been playing and harmonizing together most of their lives. Now they are sharing that magic with more of the world.

With the boys spending much of their childhoods in Japan there is a worldliness you can hear in their songs that is in its’ essence Canadian. Whether you are in need of soul soothing harmony or the upbeat strum energy of Americana instruments like Mandolin Bass and Guitar, these boys will deliver that earnest musical intention to your heart. This world is full of musicians like never before; but their combination of honesty, & integrity in the way they shape a note within unique songwriting - will stand out among the weeds.

Take a listen to their latest Full-Length album “2” which was recorded and produced by the boys with 3 tracks produced by Lloyd Peterson known for working with The Wailing Jenny’s & The Weakerthans!

“Far and away the revelation of this session was the Janzen Boys, a family trio from Winnipeg consisting of 17-year-old Simon on bass, 13-year-old Mick on mandolin, and their dad, John, on guitar. Their songs were strong, and their harmonies were out of this world.”

- Roots Music Canada (

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