The Brother Bicker Band

The Brother Bicker Band

The Brother Bicker Band is country, Canadian style, and the seven-member group of roots rockers are bringing more of their signature sound with the release of their new single, 'Another Kind of Train', out now. The band's self-described sound of 'Maple Whiskey Rock n Roll' is packed into the storytelling chorus and sliding notes of 'Another Kind of Train'.

 Based in Calgary, AB, The Brother Bicker Band has a rich and full sound, put together by seven friends; Jeremy Hrdlicka on acoustic guitar and vocals, Tom Mogan on guitar and vocals, Jennele Coulson and Clarie Wilkes on vocals, Ben Ellard on keys, and completing the lineup are Matt Dawe on drums and Jim Duncan on bass that earned them two YYC Music Award nominations this and last year.

The Brother Bicker Band's last album, 'Hospitality and Northern Charm', which released in 2020, was a wide-open look into the group's range, influences, and how the seven friends all see the world, and it feels like everything the group has been working toward comes to a head in their latest single, 'Another Kind of Train.'

The Brother Bicker Band have told stories and brought people together, in ways that only music can, and 'Another Kind of Train' is a revealing and bright indication of just how far the seven friends have gone and how many trips they still plan on taking. Gravel roads, dirt roads, whatever path that lies ahead, the Brother Bicker Band will be there with 'Another Kind of Train' for everyone to take.

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