Tafari Anthony

Tafari Anthony

 Tafari Anthony recently announced his debut album When I Met Your Girlfriend, fiery sixteen track complication of Tafari’s deepest experiences, fears, and desires.

When I Met Your Girlfriend. is co-produced by Tafari and a star line up of producers - Derek Hoffman, Jordyn Woodside, Hill Kourkoutis, Zach Cooper and Colin Janz.

Reintroducing himself in his most authentic form, the debut record marks Tafari’s most confident and polished release yet. In his own words, “I’m unapologetically me.” When I Met Your Girlfriend is a record that puts queer love and relationships at the forefront. Drawing inspiration from his exploration of polyamory, Tafari reflects on love and his desires, relationships and situationships. No matter who you are or what your relationship status is, listeners will surely find their own stories within this record. 

"When I started working on this album, I had one extremely clear goal in mind – to write great songs. It was a path I had walked before, but this time, the strides felt more deliberate," Tafari shares. "I took inspiration from artists and music that I've always admired, but I wanted to make it uniquely mine. I wanted something that resonated with my own musical world and story. I found myself documenting the last few years in real-time instead of drawing inspiration from the past like I typically would. I was crafting lyrics and melodies as life was unfolding, sort of like a musical diary.

About Tafari Anthony:

Currently based in Toronto, Tafari has written and produced for many artists including Tanika Charles, Drag Race icons Priyanka and Katya, and The Fretless (Feat. Nuela Charles). As a solo artist Tafari has self-released three EPs including The Way You See Me (2020) which was nominated for Adult Contemporary Album of The Year at the 2022 JUNO Awards. Alongside glowing reviews from Billboard and PAPER Magazine, Tafari was named a top 25 finalist in CBC Music's Searchlight Competition in 2016 and in the same year his track “Know Better" was on CBC’s list of 100 Essential Songs. A constant in Tafari’s releases is his powerfully expansive range, dynamic vocal texture, and commitment to putting queer love and relationships at the forefront of his songs.

Website - tafarianthony.com/

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