Songwriting is an Art.

Songwriting is an Art.

By The Rockin’ Krolik

Like any Art, it’s an expression of who the artist is.

It’s also capturing a moment in time.

An artist is always on a quest, reflecting and growing to feel fulfilled in the way they communicate, through their art.


Who are we? How do we see the world? What is our perception and what’s our perspective? How does all that translate into our songs?

That is not set in stone, it changes as we go through life and acquire knowledge.

Let’s not think of it as trial and error but as persistence and passion for the craft.

We get inspired, pick from influences consciously and unconsciously, and create something unique containing a piece of ourselves.

You do you, I do me. We are all unique and that’s the beauty of it.

So authenticity is a main element. Whether it’s obvious or hidden in plain view for the audience to decipher.

Regardless, authenticity has a purpose.

It is what helps us find our true audience and true fans. We speak our truth and the right audience connects with it, establishing a relationship and loyalty.

It is mutual support too.

Songwriting theory

Many books cover the art of songwriting and many songwriters have shared their approach to songwriting.

Some artists have a music theory background and heavily rely on that to create and some, like myself, only have basic knowledge. I often hear myself say from a chord, “Right, that’s an A or a G “something”; no clue what it is but it sounds good!

Attending retreats is also an amazing experience. Listening to fellow artists share their experiences and challenges is inspiring and reassuring.

All this information should be considered as guidelines, not rules. Build a songwriting toolbox with all the tips and tricks that work for you.

From there, with consistency, blending in “authenticity”, the pieces of our puzzle fall naturally into place, writing songs we can fully embrace and perform with genuine energy.

Like anything else, the more we do it, the better we get at it.

Let’s keep going, with an open mind