Social Media Post Ideas When You Feel Uninspired!

Social Media Post Ideas When You Feel Uninspired!

By Leanne Pearson

Our brains are constantly working in overdrive to create content. Don’t over think it. Some days we can get caught up in our own minds and scrutinize our content. Try to be conscious of this as you create and share content.

Here are the obvious and well-known days of the week ideas:

There’s no right or wrong way to use these references to create content. Some call these tired trends, but they are still heavily used today and a great fall back if you are stumped on what to post.

· Motivation Monday - share something inspirational or your favorite motivational quote! Spread positivity and love!

· Tip Tuesday - share your favorite tip! A cleaning hack, a “how to” video, a tutorial, a recipe, a workout you love, etc.

· Wednesday Wisdom or Hump Day - share something funny to help your followers make it through the week! Or post something inspirational!

· Throwback Thursday - Use this opportunity to reshare and recycle something you have already created, feel confident about and proud of!

· Flashback Friday - this is the same concept as Throwback Thursday

· Caturday - If you have a cat, Saturdays are a great day to share some cat content and capitalize on trending hashtags (feel free to use my silly song Caturday in your video). Even if you don’t have a cat, you could re post a funny cat video in your story! Or just share any cute animal video and let Caturday be your inspiration!

· Sunday Funday - Show your followers what you do for fun! Maybe it’s your favorite activity on a day “off”, content of you enjoying the latest and greatest movie, etc.

Other ideas that don’t involve a specific day of the week!

· The latest trend - a challenge or an audio track that has gone viral!

· Be real, vulnerable, and honest - Share something near and dear to your heart. Something that people can relate to and cause them to get to know you on a deeper level.

· Introduce your band or anyone who works behind the scenes!

· Share notes about your musical inspirations! Cover one of your favorite songs.

· If it’s a musician’s birthday whom you love, post a cover of one of their songs and wish them a happy birthday.

· Talk about your family (with their approval)! What family traditions did you grow up with?

· What’s your favorite song right now? Share a video of you talking about what you love and why! Have the audio playing in the background.

· Share a few of your favorite things - products, food, music, TV shows, people etc.

· Talk about your bucket list and ask other people to share their bucket list.

· Share a verse/chorus of something you’re working on.

· Ask for recommendations! Ask your audience who their favorite new artist is, what’s the latest movie they watched, new restaurants to try etc.

· Create a meme using a photo you have on your camera roll.

· Run a contest! Give away concert tickets, merch, virtual meet and greets, discount codes etc.

· Share behind the scenes content- your morning routine, a day in the life of you, behind the scenes of a video shoot etc.

· Tell a joke!

Leanne Pearson is a Canadian country rocker and songwriter


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