RPL Decades

RPL Decades

As the title of the album indicates, the RPL Decades album is a labour of love over decades for this group who shared the writing and music composition on eight original songs crossing the rock and pop music genres. They lend the first initials of their last names to RPL as the name of their band and to the title of the album, RPL Decades.

The lifelong friends grew up in the same small town of Espanola, Ontario. This talented group is made up of Dennis Rannelli on bass, Jerry Placken on drums, keyboards, vocals and percussion, and Ron Langlois on guitars. Rannelli, Placken and Langlois connected in the mid-seventies while Placken was still in high school. They had all been in various local bands over the years playing with talented musicians and vocalists. Placken left the group for Humber College to study music at Humber College in Toronto. He took his music dreams even further, to Florida, to study Music Engineering at the University of Miami, now the Frost School of Music. Placken returned to Espanola where he was able to telecommute and travel for his work in the professional sound industry. He was able to rejoin Rannelli and Langlois on their various northern gigs and in their ITB studio to work on the original music for this project.

The final editing and mixing on RPL Decades, were completed while the world was at rest. “We are finally able to realize our dream of one day releasing our music.”

The sax solos on this album are performed by renowned LA saxophonist, Eric Marienthal. He is a 9-time nominated and 2-time Grammy winner and Musical Director for Jazz Cruises, LLC. Marienthal has performed with many of the world’s top musicians including Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Chick Corea, Billy Joel, to name a few.

Website: www.rplmusic.com

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