Roxanne, a versatile singer-songwriter versed in the genres of classical music and opera, to pop, rock, blues, jazz, soul, disco, funk, and reggae, is an up-and-coming Canadian independent artist to watch on the music scene.

 Known for her features on projects with accomplished local and international artists, her original 2015 “Uncovered” album and her 2017 “Insatiable” album with Nile Groove, her Ottawa-based reggae band, while also leading her pop/soul/RnB band “Roxanne”, this talented artist has also given fans a whole new sound as a solo artist with the release of her 2019 electronica single “Like Suga”, her 2020 pop single “Take A Ride”, her 2020 EDM single “Move Yuh Body”, and her latest pop single “Don’t Break My Heart”.

 Creating a buzz in the indie music industry with features in music press, television, and radio, Roxanne impresses with her transformative sounds, her infectious tracks, her vivacious energy, her commanding presence, her powerful vocals, and her extensive vocal range.

Now releasing her brand-new pop/dance/EDM single, catch Roxanne's must-listen track "Can't Stop This Feeling" available on all music platforms worldwide!


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