PaulStar, a.k.a. Paul Napash, the multi-talented Cree musician, artist, and producer hailing from Chisasibi, Quebec, is set to make a significant impact on the music industry with the release of his first full-length album, Bring It All Together

With a blend of influences from his Indigenous roots and his love of alternative rock, pop, and hip-hop, the versatile artist's newly released record is a testament to his musical evolution. When creating Bring It All Together, PaulStar underwent an introspective journey, propelled by his passion to elevate the voices of Indigenous people while taking inspiration from his favourite bands.

 Every track on the album showcases a different facet of PaulStar's identity and creative vision, drawing from his own experiences and the hardships encountered by Indigenous communities.

 "I always wanted to be a rock star and I loved the '80s music growing up in Chisasibi," shares PaulStar. "I learned quickly through private instruction and self-teaching, even though I didn't attend music school. My goal is to leave my mark in the music industry and Bring It All Together encouraged me to demonstrate my guitar skills and vocal range.”

 The energetic musical journey of Bring It All Together takes listeners on a journey through a wide range of themes, from love to self-discovery. Highlights of the album's versatility include the raw, intimate performance of "Rain" and the genre-spanning prowess of "Home With You" and "Perfect Love."

 PaulStar explains, "The bulk of my songs were crafted and recorded in my former apartment, where I drew inspiration from popular tracks and exceptional talent found on streaming platforms." He continues, "I recorded 'Timeless' at my residence in Smiths Falls. The sound of the acoustic guitar inspired me to write about leaving a legacy in the song."

 PaulStar, who founded Meikin Records and is a graduate of Algonquin College's Music Industry Arts program, is well-known in the music industry. The acclaim he has received for his work as a producer and session player has been reinforced by his collaborations with artists like Claire Sully, Arrow, Shonna, CJAY GRiZ, Slice, Money-1, Melody McArthur, Violent Ground, K.A.S.P. Aspects.

 "Music has always been my passion," reflects PaulStar. "With 'Bring It All Together,' I hope to inspire others to embrace their heritage, follow their dreams, and never give up on what they believe in."


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