Misty Blue

Misty Blue

What: Indie Folk Rock

Where: Toronto, ON

Visit: www.mistyblueband.com

The story of Misty Blue's creation began two years ago with a decision to step outside the comfort zone and into the danger zone. At that time, Misty Blue consisted of only two members, performing as a two-piece acoustic act. However, in 2022, a rhythm section was introduced, giving birth to a new musical dynamic. Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Misty Blue represents a remarkable outcome of four individuals who crossed paths on the online platform, Kijiji.

Fast forward today, and the band has undergone a remarkable transformation, fueled by their newfound passion for electric performances in the indie folk-rock space. Misty Blue has witnessed tremendous growth, and if the last eight months have shown anything, the ceiling is higher than ever.