Loft Entertainment and Oak View Group Acquire Canadian Music Week

Loft Entertainment and Oak View Group Acquire Canadian Music Week

Loft Entertainment, a leading entertainment company that invests in culture-defining talent and creative partners to tell their stories and Oak View Group (OVG), a global leader in venue development, management, hospitality services and 360-degree solutions, are announces the acquisition of Canadian Music Week (CMW), one of the premier music festivals and conferences in North America. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the expansion of both companies’ footprints in the entertainment and live event sectors. Canadian Music Week has been a staple in the music industry for over four decades, providing a platform for artists, industry professionals, and fans to connect, discover, and celebrate music. The festival has been instrumental in showcasing emerging talent and fostering industry innovation. 

Neill Dixon

Neill Dixon, Founder and President of Canadian Music Week, who announced his retirement after 42 years, shared his thoughts on the transition: "It has been an incredible journey to see Canadian Music Week grow from a small gathering of music lovers to one of the most influential music festivals and conferences in the world. I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished and deeply grateful to everyone who has been part of this journey. As I step aside and retire, I am confident that CMW is in excellent hands with Loft Entertainment and Oak View Group. Their passion, vision, and resources will ensure that CMW continues to thrive and evolve. I look forward to seeing the festival reach new heights under their leadership." 

Randy Lennox

Randy Lennox, Founder of Loft Entertainment, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, "We are incredibly proud to bring Canadian Music Week into the Loft Entertainment Media family in partnership with Oak View Group. CMW has a rich history of championing music and artists, and we are committed to building on that legacy. Our vision is to enhance the festival experience, creating new opportunities for artists and attendees alike, while maintaining the core values that have made CMW a beloved event. As Neill Dixon steps into a well-deserved retirement, we honour his remarkable dedication to making CMW the influential event it is today. His vision has set a high standard that we are eager to uphold and expand upon." 

Tom Pistore

Tom Pistore, President of Oak View Group, Canada, echoed Lennox’s sentiments, adding, “Oak View Group is delighted to expand our investment in the Canadian market and partner with Loft Entertainment in acquiring Canadian Music Week. This acquisition, along with our Hamilton Arena Project, aligns perfectly with our mission to elevate live entertainment experiences across the globe. We look forward to leveraging our expertise in venue management and conferences to take CMW to new heights. Together, we aim to deliver an unforgettable experience that celebrates the vibrant music culture of Canada and beyond.” 

Jackie Dean

Jackie Dean, COO of Loft Entertainment, commented on the acquisition, "Joining forces with Oak View Group to acquire Canadian Music Week is a momentous occasion for us at Loft Entertainment. Randy Lennox's dedication to preserving and enhancing CMW's legacy, coupled with Tom Pistore's vision for leveraging OVG's vast experience in venue management, brand partnerships and conferences, sets the stage for an extraordinary future. We are excited to collaborate and innovate, ensuring that CMW continues to be a vital and dynamic event in the global music industry. Our shared commitment to excellence will undoubtedly enrich the experience for artists, industry professionals, and fans alike." Alongside Loft Entertainment, OVG is deeply committed to investing in Canada. Oak View Group has been active in the market for over two years, forming strategic partnerships with prominent brands such as Canada Basketball, Great Canadian Gaming, McCain, GFL, Sports Interaction, ADP, and Diageo. To date, OVG has invested over $5 billion in the development of new and reimagined venues across the globe, with their first local project being the FirstOntario Centre arena renovation. The acquisition promises to bring exciting changes and innovations to Canadian Music Week, including expanded programming, enhanced venues, and unique engagement opportunities for artists and fans. Both Loft Entertainment and Oak View Group are committed to preserving the Festival’s heritage while introducing fresh, dynamic elements that reflect the evolving music landscape. Canadian Music Week will continue to be headquartered in Toronto, with upcoming dates and details for the 2025 Festival to be announced soon. The teams at Loft Entertainment and Oak View Group are already hard at work planning the next chapter of CMW, ensuring it remains a cornerstone event in the global music industry. Oak View Group is also the owner of Pollstar, the premier trade publication dedicated to the worldwide concert industry and produces Pollstar Live!, and Pollstar Awards which celebrated its 35th edition in 2024. 

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