Huguette Lavigne's Latest Single 'As It Goes'

Huguette Lavigne's  Latest Single 'As It Goes'

Pianist and composer Huguette Lavigne invites music fans on a thrilling journey with her latest single, “As It Goes,” accompanied by a visually stunning experience. This latest release gives a glimpse into a potential future where space travelers coexist with advanced artificial intelligence.

 The video for “As It Goes” is a series of captivating scenes that paint picture of a futuristic world where space exploration and artificial intelligence seamlessly merge. Lavigne does not aim to convey any deep meaning, but rather aims to create a fun and enjoyable experience. The video showcases beautiful and inspiring images that match the mood of the music.

Lavigne explains that the video reflects the solitary aspect of her playing and the moments of inspiration. “As a pianist and composer, the opening and closing scenes showcase the solitary aspect of my playing and the moments when inspiration strikes.

This single, is a standout track from Lavigne’s 2020 album Five O'Clock Somewhere, spotlighting Lavigne's skillful and playful piano composition. “As It Goes" signals a fresh direction for Lavigne, adding a futuristic theme enriching to her already diverse musical portfolio. The composition and stunning video invite audiences to immerse themselves in a unique and enjoyable artistic experience.


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