Get Repped Conference

Get Repped Conference

As the music industry continues to evolve, opportunities for independent artists, songwriters, and producers to showcase their talent have never been more accessible.

“Get Repped" is an exclusive online event bringing together the world's top music licensing agencies for two days of unparalleled insight, networking, and feedback.“We are excited to demystify the sync licensing process for artists,” said co-founder of 2Indie and singer/songwriter Sonnet Simmons. “We want artists to feel empowered to do their best and turn their dreams into reality.” Scheduled for March 21-22, this groundbreaking virtual gathering promises to connect hundreds of aspiring musicians with industry-leading professionals who can pitch their music for placements in advertisements, television, film, and video games. Tickets are now available.

Event Highlights:

1. Invaluable Insights: Engage in over 6 hours of topic panels and Q&A sessions, where 25+ sync agencies will divulge insider tips on landing placements, current music needs, and fostering successful business relationships.

2. Live Feedback Sessions: Experience over 8 hours of interactive listening sessions, where each participating agency will provide candid feedback on music submitted by attendees. Whether you're a seasoned artist or emerging talent, this is your chance to refine your craft and find the perfect agency fit.

3. Limitless Opportunities: All attendees can submit their music for consideration in the "Best of Conference" sampler, which will be distributed to every attending sync agency. Don't miss this chance to showcase your talent and potentially secure a lucrative contract.Past attendee of Get Repped have said: “Get Repped was a top shelf conference! Having attended a number of sync related conferences it was so good to have the entire focus on Sync Agents and Libraries. These people are the gatekeepers Indy artists need to connect with to break through in Sync. Get Repped provided a perfect opportunity to not only meet agents and hear about their agencies and processes, but get your music in front of them!”

Event Details:

Date: March 21-22

Time: All Day

Location: Online

Tickets: Available Now at

About 2Indie

Founded by John & Sonnet, two indie artists who have found success in sync, 2Indie helps artists learn how to get sync licensing deals.  They are former VPs of boutique sync agency Catch The Moon Music and have extensive contacts in the music licensing world. 2Indie also helps sync agencies connect directly with indie artists, songwriters and producers, by hosting a music marketplace for sync agencies looking for new unsigned music.

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