Eclecticus Releases 'Double Take'

Eclecticus Releases  'Double Take'

Toronto rock band Eclecticus has released their latest album Double Take, an impressive nine-track LP that comes after six other explosive releases.  

 Double Take comes as a collaborative masterpiece between the now five-piece band. After the pandemic, singer-songwriters, musicians, and life partners, Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay, went on a mission to find additional members to add to their then-duo.   

Now fully rounded with electric guitarist Brian Benwell, drummer Jono Rose, and bassist Darrell Goodman, the band has put together an album that reflects their individual styles while still capturing Eclecticus’ beloved dynamic rock sound and big melodic vocals. 

 Throughout the entirety of the rock-charged album, strong and skilled vocals front the tracks, complimented by commanding drums and impressive guitar riffs throughout. Double Take doesn’t skip a beat with constant explosive and electric energy at the heart of the release. 

 “The album, we think, flows incredibly well from front to back. Each song is different from the next, and is a great reflection of our writing style,” says Tiina LeMay. 

 In true team fashion, Reid and LeMay felt it was important for every member to feel ownership in the development of the tracks. So, the band recreated some earlier versions of the songs while also adding new soulful rock tracks to the album. One of the recreated versions is the lead single “Goin’ Far Away.” 

The anthem captures the lively and dynamic essence of Double Take. “Goin’ Far Away” weaves in and out of slower grooves with melodic vocals and sudden bursts of head-banging rhythms and outstanding rock guitar features. It’s the type of song that’ll get you up and dancing in a sweat with your pals. 

 The band is no stranger to musical success. With years in the industry, Eclecticus has seen its fair share of fandom, successful releases, and exciting performances. Of their many achievements, the band was nominated as a finalist for the CIMVA Best Rock Video in 2022 for their lead single "Got Me Going" and their track “Took Me for Granted” made it in the Cashbox Canada Top 50 Pick in 2021. 

 Now, Double Take comes as yet another stellar rock release. Written and produced by Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay, engineered and mixed by Gar Reid, and mastered by both Gar Reid and Noah Mintz, this record is a collaborative masterpiece.  

Blending their talents, Eclecticus delivers a lively release that spans all genres of rock, out now for you to enjoy.