Chris Sunfield

Chris Sunfield

The latest release from indie pop savant Chris Sunfield, 'Bicycle Girl’ is here'.

With a track record of creating music that tugs at the heartstrings and provokes thought, Sunfield delivers a whimsical yet poignant exploration of life and love, pedalling through the philosophical to a tune of playful existentialism.

In 'Bicycle Girl', the quintessential thinker's day-to-day philosophical ruminations are charmingly interrupted by a simple yet enchanting moment – the sight of Bicycle Girl. She's the embodiment of breezy spontaneity and heartfelt simplicity, captured in the whimsical lyrics "Girl on a Schwinn, ponytail in the wind". The video, a tableau of indie artistry, depicts the quintessential encounter that shifts perspectives, softening the harsh lines of existential angst with the gentle curves of life's simple pleasures.

Following the success of 'Begin', 'Tomorrow's Here', and 'ANTON', 'Bicycle Girl' arrives as a testament to Chris Sunfield's resilience and artistic evolution. Each previous release has resonated with audiences, racking up impressive watch times on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. 'Bicycle Girl' promises to continue this trend, adding a lighter, more playful chapter to Sunfield's discography.

Chris Sunfield's journey is one of unexpected twists and a steadfast commitment to artistic growth. Having spent decades as a silent songwriter while pursuing a career away from the music industry, a personal crossroads redirected his path back to his first love – music. Since his debut in 2020, Sunfield has been drawing from a deep well of unfinished musical ideas, crafting songs that range from pop anthems to experimental rock, with a strong inclination towards alternative pop and rock with ambient and ethereal qualities.

Sunfield's unique sound is a mosaic of influences. The absence of music in his childhood home led him to find his own musical sanctuary in the varied world of AM radio, classical masterpieces, and later, the complex layers of progressive rock. His inspirations are as diverse as the Beatles, Yes, Peter Gabriel, and Kate Bush, united by the common thread of pushing creative boundaries.

With 'Bicycle Girl', Sunfield continues to share his philosophical musings set to melody. The song is a lighthearted reminder to take life's existential journey seriously while recognizing the moments that merit a joyful heart. It’s a celebration of the unexpected intersections that life offers – a nudge to acknowledge the levity amidst our deepest thoughts.

While typically a solitary artist, Sunfield is opening up to collaborations, especially intrigued by the notion of lending his tunes to other voices. He’s currently working on an EP featuring female artists, eager to see his visions reinterpreted through their talents.

Pride in personal milestones defines Sunfield's career thus far. From arranging songs for a string quartet to being acknowledged by a Bruckner expert, his accolades are as heartfelt as they are impressive. As an artist who never considered himself a singer, the act of singing his own songs stands as one of his most significant triumphs.

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