STMV Promotions announces the 3rd annual “BITCHFEST!” festival; celebrating female, female identifying, non-binary, trans, Queer , two spirited and gender non-conforming  artists, business owners, promoters, sound engineers, bookers, managers, radio hosts, visual artists and fans within the Toronto Music Community throughout the month of March, during International Women’s Month.

BITCHFEST! Was created to shine a light on marginalized members of the community whose voices are often silenced or gone unnoticed. We aim to provide a safe and accessible space for these artists to take to the front and be heard. We strive to create a future landing pad for the younger generations who are watching from home, because representation and celebration of fem artists can only serve to empower the future of music.

 There will be 45 Artists, 12 Venues, 11 Shows, and 1 panel. They're also celebrating Wise Guise debut EP release March 1st and the ASD Documentary

This year, STMV Promotions have collaborated with Stomp Records to bring you some of the best Canadian local talent. And BITCHFEST! 2024 is sponsored by Great Lakes  Brewery, Press Time and Town Brewery. They're supported by RiotSquadMedia, Cursed Blessings, Boneless Productions, Les Insoumises, Tarantula Tapes, FUCKYOUTOO Productions and Twin Fang Records. 

They have also officially partnered with FANNATICKETS.COM for exclusive ticketing and passes to the festival.

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