Bif Naked - I Bificus

Bif Naked - I Bificus

Just twenty-five years ago, Bill Clinton had a scandalous affair, Teletubbies invaded American TV, and Viagra got the green light. Surprise, surprise – Bif Naked also dropped her second album, "I, Bificus," right in the midst of this wild ride! Let’s not forget Buffy lost her virginity to the Bif song “Lucky” as she performed on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 

An infectious, eclectic blend of raucous power-pop hooks, emotive and raw lyricism, with old-school punk attitude-like Bif herself. It’s unrelenting charisma with hits like “Spaceman” “Moment of Weakness” and “Lucky” The album catapulted Bif to superstardom internationally, multiple gold records, followed by multiple platinum records, and set her on a course of global touring that still finds her doing year round concerts to this day. 

Through it all Bif remains true to her loyal fans and always gives them all of herself with every performance. What better way to celebrate the lasting power of this record it’s and, of course Bif herself, than to finally release a 25th anniversary edition I, BIFICUS XXV a completely remastered album including bonus tracks and a new version of Lucky (Orchestral)


CD (45:30)

01 ANY DAY NOW 4:17

02 SPACEMAN 4:21


04 LUCKY 4:25

05 PEACOCK 3:02

06 CHOTEE 3:51

07 SOPHIA 4:28

08 VIOLENCE 4:15

09 ANYTHING 4:43


11 IF I 4:10

12 LUCKY (2023 Orchestral Mix) 4:00

Acoustic Mixes (14:00)

13 SPACEMAN (Acoustic) 3:43

14 MOMENT OF WEAKNESS (Acoustic) 2:26

15 CHOTEE (Acoustic) 3:50

16 LUCKY (Acoustic) 3:58

 I,BIFICUS was produced by Glenn Rosenstein, engineered by Jon Potoker

 1. Any Day Now (written by Bif Naked and Peter Karroll)

2. Spaceman (written by Bif Naked and Peter Karroll)

3. Moment of Weakness (written by Bif Naked and Peter Karroll)

4. Lucky (written by Bif Naked and Brad McGiveron)

5. The Peacock Song (written by Bif Naked and Peter Karroll)

6. Chotee (written by Bif Naked and X Factor)

7. Sophia (written by Bif Naked, Peter Karroll and Russ Klyne)

8. Violence (written by Bif Naked, Peter Karroll, and Britton Karroll)

9. Anything (written by Bif Naked, Peter Karroll, Rich Priske)

10. Only The Girl (written by Bif Naked and Brad McGiveron)

11. If I (written by Bif Naked and Peter Karroll)



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