Benjamin Russelll

Benjamin Russelll

Benjamin Russell's most ambitious album yet, PLEASURE CENTER defies easy classification. What is this genre? "Freeform," says Russell.

Weaving threads of electronic, acoustic, pop, dance, soul, jazz, and classical into what has now become his signature style, the album explores themes of love, social commentary, warnings, hope and gratitude. It includes his first ever release sung in French, a Euro-pop nod to his hit from the '80s.

From the start of Russell's career, he embraced technology. As a folk singer in the 70's, he lusted after synthesizers. His first vinyl release (the Double A Side) in the early 80's blended drum machines, synths and electric guitars. The album containing MIRACLE, for which he was nominated MOST PROMISING VOCALIST in the 80's, was a meeting of man and machine - his live solo shows featured himself, his guitar and banks of synths and drum machines.

Here's the question: is the title song a warning or an exhortation to plug into the matrix? You decide.


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