Auxilium Music Launches In Support Of Songwriters

Auxilium Music Launches In Support Of Songwriters
Marc Shapiro

Auxilium Music, a newly launched Publishing Admin company aimed at providing comprehensive support for songwriters, officially came to be in early 2024. Led by industry veterans Marc Schapiro and Jon Granat, Auxilium Music promises to navigate the intricate landscape of collections and sync for artists worldwide.

Jon Granat

 The word ‘Auxilium’ is defined as “help or aid / remedy” and the etymology is from augeō which means to “spread, honor or promote.”  Granat explains the import of the name

“This is a passion project for us, we want to create a boutique administrator with a smaller curated roster where we can give it our personal touch and really help these songwriters,” he asserts. “With all the consolidation within the music publishing industry we really felt like there was a need for a new independent to give writers a real choice in how they handle their copyrights.”

Recognizing the challenges faced by self-published bands, Auxilium Music aims to provide a hands-on administrative option tailored to their needs. This approach sets Auxilium Music apart from other services, offering a more personalized and effective solution for artists navigating the modern music industry. The company has also partnered with Peermusic outside of the US.

The company's inaugural signings include a stellar lineup of acclaimed musicians, signaling a strong start for Auxilium Music. Among the first artists to join the roster are Buzz Osborne (Melvins), singer-songwriter Fay Wolf, Aaron Harris (Isis/Palms), Cliff Meyer (Isis/Palms), Michael Crain (Dead Cross, Retox, CNTS), Matt Cronk (CNTS, Qui), and Kevin Avery (CNTS, Planet B).

The partnership between Marc Schapiro and Jon Granat is rooted in their shared passion for music and decades of industry experience. Their journey began over 30 years ago when they crossed paths while serving as concert promoters at the University of Florida.  

Jon and I actually finally found a way to work together when he was at Nettwerk and I hired his team to rep Ipecac on the sync side. It wasn’t until we were watching the Melvins together, where he suggested the idea of helping self-published bands like them with collections, which I had been thinking of doing for my artists as well.” 

Jon Granat brings a wealth of experience to Auxilium Music as a partner in JDM Music + Sound LLC. Formerly the Senior Vice President of Global Synch Licensing for Nettwerk Music Group, Jon oversaw worldwide pitching and licensing, guiding global strategy, and expanding repertoire through innovative partnerships. With a diverse background encompassing Sync Licensing, Music Clearance, A&R, Music Supervision, and Artist Management, Jon's expertise is invaluable to the success of Auxilium Music.

Jon is an active member of the California Copyright Conference (CCC) and the Association of Independent Music Publishers, demonstrating his commitment to the advancement of the music industry.

Marc Schapiro brings a wealth of experience from his tenure in the record label sector, currently serving as the General Manager of Ipecac Recordings. With a career spanning various roles in sales, marketing, and product management for labels such as Mute, Artemis, and Roadrunner, Marc's expertise is unparalleled. His diverse background also includes ventures into artist management and the hospitality industry, reflecting his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.  Marc's passion for music was ignited during his college years as an Interscope college rep, setting the stage for a remarkable career dedicated to supporting independent artists and advancing the music industry.

 Auxilium Music represents a new era of support for songwriters, driven by innovation, experience, and a commitment to empowering artists. With Marc Schapiro and Jon Granat at the helm, Auxilium Music is poised to redefine the music publishing landscape.

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